Monday, November 5, 2007

Election Day is Tomorrow!!

Where has the time gone? Nov. 6 is here tomorrow with the polls opening at 6:00 am. I will be up early to distribute signs and materials to the eight Charlottesville voting locations. So, if you are up early tomorrow, perhaps you will see me. I guess it will still be dark when I have done the full circuit. Some Kleeman supporters will be handing out campaign literature at precincts on and off throughout the day. I plan to be visiting precincts in the morning, and in the mid-afternoon. Please come by and say hello if you are voting while I am at your precinct.

I hope you will not only vote for me at the polls, but invite your friends and neighbors to do the same. Now is a great time for some fresh ideas on city council, and I think I am a candidate committed to providing fresh ideas in the next council term.

Election results will be available on WINA 1070, and WCHV 1260, and should be updated on the State Board of Elections website starting shortly after the polls close at 7:00 pm. I hope to meet some friends on the downtown mall to await the results. I should be at or in the vicinity of Rapture shortly before 7:00 pm - so stop by and say hello.

I have enjoyed the campaign, meeting many new folks in Charlottesville, and being on the campaign trail with four other candidates - all of us hoping to move the city forward in our own way. I thank David Brown, Holly Edwards, Barbara Haskins, and Satyendra Huja for their open and lively discussion of the issues facing Charlottesville and for making this campaign a truly positive experience. No matter what the outcome of the voting, I look forward to continue working with city council, the city staff, and citizens willing to work toward a better Charlottesville. I especially thank those of you who supported my campaign and all you readers of this Kleeman for Council blog for exploring what I offer as a candidate and for sharing your thoughts with me through blog comments, emails and in person over the past five months or so.

Is election day really tomorrow? It does appear to be so!


emory said...

Dear Peter,

Thanks for an excellent race! Would hate to lose you to the forces of government, have been awed by your effectiveness and thoughtfulness from the floor. You have offered the Council and Planning Commission many top-flight ideas, free of charge.

Where will we see you next? Speaking from the dais or adopting that honorable and familiar place as citizen.

Wherever the people chose, your participation will make Charlottesville a better place.

Bill Emory

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

Greetings on Election Day!

I wish I had been in Charlottesville for this campaign. I'm sorry I missed it. I hope my absentee ballot made it in time.

All the best from Brooklyn.

Daya Bill

dairymaid said...

Great campaign, Peter. Be proud of the issue-driven campaign you ran. Consider another run, as citizens are increasingly frustrated with the machine politics of cville. Let's take back out city!

Anonymous said...


You are truly the kind of representative the city needs. Stay involved. Your wisdom and leadership will be recognized.