Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yes, you now can contribute to my campaign online

After several days of navigating the banking business and online contribution options, I believe that I have established a PayPal account that will accept contributions by credit card and by PayPal transfers. There is a small fee for this service but I would be thrilled for you to contribute to my campaign either online (use the link in the column at the right) or by sending a check made out to Kleeman for Council to Kleeman for Council, 407 Hedge Street, Charlottesville VA 22902.

I had no idea how expensive campaign material production might be, but I assure you the your contribution will be used efficiently in getting out my campaign message to Charlottesville voters.

I believe our city council clearly needs to exhibit active leadership in meeting our community's challenges and I hope you will consider my past leadership in choosing your council canditates on election day - November 6, 2007.

I will focus on the following major themes in my council campaign:

Public Involvement - Council has to communicate clearly, fully, and promptly on council matters, so residents can actively shape Charlottesville’s future.

Transportation - Public transportation needs to grow with the city, and as part of a regional system.

Growth/Environment - City services overseeing building and development must protect cultural and historic resources, preserve our local and global environment, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Engage Neighborhoods - Neighborhoods must be engaged in council decisions that affect their homes and businesses.

There are many issues before council now relating to use of our parks, transportation choices for our future, enhancing our tree cover, protecting our streams and water resources, and responding to traffic and historic preservation in our city neighborhoods. I will provide in this blog my ideas on many of these issues, and will be encouraging our current council members to take actions consistent with the city council vision 2025 and the long term goals of Charlottesville's residents.

Now is clearly a time we need leadership from council. Is our current council up to that challenge? I believe I can provide much needed leadership on council and to promote council decisions that truly are consistent with our future goals.

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