Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Art of Politics or perhaps Art in Politics

I may not yet be expert in the 'art of politics,' but I am not shy about learning that art - while enjoying 'art in politics' as well. Here is a photo of my just completed and mounted mosaic 'dish sign.' Using ideas and skills from mosaic tile workshops I participated in taught by Isaiah Zagar, a mural artist living in Philadelphia (that resulted in the mosaic on Fifth Street SW) and Beryl Solla, local artist and current chair of the art program at PVCC (that resulted in a wall mural in the Ix building). I used a salvaged Direct TV satelite dish and broken ceramic tile and mirror from a variety of sources to create this prototype campaign sign. This sign currently hangs on my house on Hedge Street.

I hung painted satelite dish signs with "Vote for Dave" and "Al Weed for Congress" in recent elections that were adaptations of Dave Norris' and Al Weed's campaign logos. So this is the third satelite dish sign in the series. Dave won. Al lost. I am hoping my satelite sign series will have a 2/3 success rate with a Kleeman victory in the city council election on November 6, 2007.

If you want to put your artistic talents to work and make one (or more) prototype 'Kleeman for Council' signs, banners, flags, whatever, I encourage you to do so - and to send me a photo I can post on this blog. I will create a gallery of all photos submitted (that can legally be posted) to inspire others to join in the campaing art fun.

Encouraging public participation in issues important to our community is one of the major themes in my council campaign. If you can draw, paint, sculpt, sew, weave, or have other talents and want to participate - send a digital photo of your sign to and let me know where the sign is located. Help me put Art back into the Art of Politics.

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