Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A chance to get involved in Charlottesville

I just got an email from Amy Kilroy to help spread the word that the second annual Neighborhood Leadership Institute is being offered through the city department of Neighborhood Development Services. Check out the press release that contains a link to the online application form on the city website. In her email, Amy provides the following:

"This year’s Neighborhood Leadership Institute will again consist of a 12-session series, with speakers, workshops and out-of-class assignments on subjects ranging from the City budget, to transportation and affordable housing. We are looking for participants who have a strong interest in serving the Charlottesville community and mobilizing others to serve."

I attended the 12 sessions in the 2006-2007 edition of the Neighborhood Leadership Institute and found it well worth the time and effort. I can't say attending this institute made the difference in my choosing to run for city council, but I did discover many city activities where more citizen leadership could truly help make our city a better place. I also got to meet and interact with 29 other involved citizens and many members of city staff I did not know before.

If you are interested in making Charlottesville a better place to live, I suggest check out the press release and consider applying early to ensure you have a chance to participate.

Another opportunity to make Charlottesville a better place is to help elect qualified and creative leaders to city council. I hope you will review my blog entries (below) and my qualifications and goals for the city (in the column to the right) and vote for me on Nov. 6 to become the first ever independent candidate to take a leadership role as city councilor. Of course, you can also get some hands-on leadership experience helping in my campaign, too. Don't hesitate to contact me to join in this effort.

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