Monday, October 29, 2007

Charlottesville Tomorrow's 2007 City Council Voter Guide is out

Charlottesville Tomorrow posted its "2007 City Council Voter Guide" on its website. If you have not yet made up your mind on council choices in the Nov. 6 election, check it out. It should be arriving in every registered voter's mailbox in the very near future, too. But, while you are online anyway, why not click on the link above to compare among the candidates. The voter guide presents answers condensed from interviews conducted by Charlottesville Tomorrow several weeks ago. If the edited down version is a bit difficult to read, you can go to the podcasts for each of the interviews and get the full version as recorded during the interview.

I also hope you will watch one or more of the videos online of the candidate forums on the Charlottesville Tomorrow website - or watch a rebroadcast of a forum on Charlottesville Cable TV-10. I think the forums will help any undecided voter to choose the best candidate(s) to support on Nov. 6. I recommend you check out that independent candidate named Peter Kleeman (yes, as a believer in full disclosure I must inform you that I am he and believe that I am worthy of one of your votes). Your vote could just make the difference on Nov. 6, so be sure to get out to the polls.

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