Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Voter Information Guides Now Available

I got three City Council Voter Information guides in the last two days. It is terrific that this material is available to so many. There is an article "City Council Race: Pick 3" in the C-ville Weekly that provides candidate's answers to 10 questions (11 if you count the extra credit Sacagawea statue question). The League of Women Voters distributed their Voter Guide as an insert in the Oct. 30, 2007 Daily Progress. The Charlottesville Tomorrow Voter Guide arrived by first class mail in my mailbox this morning and is also available in an online posting.

I hope you get a chance to look at all three of these guides as well as the candidate forum videos, transcripts, and host of news articles and blog entries relating to this election. If you type in the obvious keyword into the Google (or other) search engine, you should find plenty of information to help you select the one, two, or three candidates from the five candidates in the race.

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