Thursday, October 18, 2007

NAACP Candidate Forum on Cable TV 10

If you were not at city council chambers last night to participate in the NAACP council candidate forum, you can still check out what happened by watching the cable TV 10 rebroadcast in the days between now and Nov. 6 election day. I don't know what the rebroadcast schedule will be, but if you have access to cable TV 10 I hope you will try to watch one or more of the forum rebroadcasts. I have enjoyed participating in the three candidate forums - all of which are now or will be available for online viewing on the Charlottesville Tomorrow website. The November 3, 2007 candidate forum has been rebroadcast several times each week since November 3.

Last night's NAACP forum focussed on issues of education, housing, and participation of people of all backgrounds in council politics among other issues of particular interest to members of our local NAACP. I thought the discussion was lively and all of the candidates had a fair opportunity to state their ideas, goals, and strategies for addressing those challenging issues. Clearly, the five candidates all agree on the importance of meeting the challenges identified in the NAACP's questions to council candidates, but all have different ideas about how best to work toward identifying and implementing solutions. If you can spend the two hours necessary to view the rebroadcast, I believe you will be able to make a much more informed decision on which candidates would best represent you on city council. Check it out.

If you are reading this blog entry, you have likely been to other candidate websites and are somewhat familiar with the candidates and their positions on council issues - but these forums provide a terrific opportunity to see the differences and similarities among the field of candidates. I believe that I have presented myself and the priorities I will bring to city council at these forums and ask that you consider voting for me on November 6. No independent city council candidate has ever won a council seat - but your vote could help change that. And, if you are visiting this blog for the first time, I invite you to browse the many previous postings that indicate in much greater detail than possible in a candidate forum where I stand on many of the issues currently being considered by our city council. Good information is key to making good decisions. I have tried to present the best information I can about my candidacy and will be counting on your support on election day (Nov. 6).

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