Monday, October 29, 2007

Kleeman to be on the WCHV 1260-AM Joe Thomas Show Nov. 1 at about 8:00 AM

Yes, I will have one more on-air interview with Joe Thomas on Thursday morning at 8:00 AM on WCHV 1260-AM to chat about issues in the city council campaign. I hope you will tune in. Apparently Holly Edwards (to be on Wednesday morning) and I are the only two council candidates to accept the offer to be interviewed. I was on two weeks ago, and accepted the offer to do it again. I was listening to the Joe Thomas show this morning to hear Lindsay Dorrier talk about his candidacy for supervisor for the Scottsville District - and as a bonus I called in to win a free CD with several Beatles tunes as part of an ongoing promotion. I hope winning this CD is a harbinger of victories in other contests I am in - like the city council election.

I have been enjoying hearing the interview of Albemarle County Board of Visitor candidates to hear their positions on issues that will affect both Albemarle County and Charlottesville. I have had opportunities to get to know all of the Albemarle candidates (and the current board members) and would enjoy working with any of them on joint city-county concerns. There are many issues that are clearly regional in nature that will require cooperation among both jurisdictions to identify and implement workable solutions.

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