Thursday, October 18, 2007

On the air with Joe Thomas on WCHV - 1260 AM

I thoroughly enjoyed spending about 30 minutes with Joe Thomas on the new WCHV -1260 AM local morning show (5 - 9 am). I was on about 7:00 am and discussed with him some of the issues in my city council campaign including affordable housing and transportation challenges and opportunities. Joe Thomas really made me feel comfortable in the studio and impressed me with the preparation he did finding out about the campaign in general and material I have posted on my website.

Although this is the very first week of this new show, the first person I ran into on the street when I was walking from home to the downtown mall after the show was former independent Charlottesville city council candidate Blair Hawkins who said he had just heard me on WCHV radio! I hope lots of folks were up and tuned in at 7:00 am to listen. I know I will listen to this show when I can in the days ahead to hear conversations with other local candidates scheduled to be on-air with Joe Thomas. This just might be a great place to connect with others in the community on local issue both before and after the upcoming Nov. 6 election. I suggest you give it a listen, too.

I found a press release entitled "Monticello Media Launches New Morning Show on NewsTalk 1260 AM WCHV" dated Oct. 14 announcing the new show online. Perhaps this paragraph from that press release will be a sufficient 'tease' for you to tune in and see what Joe Thomas is offering on his morning show.....

Thomas has long been an advocate for citizens’ activism, smaller, more responsive government, and more emphasis on local and regional authority. “I believe that ‘We the People’ is the greatest phrase man has penned in regard to governance,” Thomas says. “However, that puts a great burden on us, and that is going to be a core philosophy of the show. What can ‘We, the People,’ do to make things work?”

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